Leak Detection Tips From A Pro

Few things are worse than the thought of a water leak in your home. Every homeowner has heard stories of water leaks causing tens of thousands of dollars in water damage or an infestation of mold that caused unbelievable health issues. And then there is the shock that comes with a huge water bill that can break the bank. To minimize your chances of experiencing any of these unpleasant events, it is essential that you learn a few early leak detection tips from the professionals at A-1 Plumbing.

Trust Your Ears

Your sense of hearing rarely lets you down. So when you think that you hear the sound of water dripping, that is typically the case. Even when that sound is coming from inside a wall or up near the ceiling, trust your instinct and call a plumber to check out what is likely a hidden water leak. Other tip-offs include the sound of groaning pipes or a hissing sound that can occur when there is a very tiny leak and the water is spurting out with extreme pressure.

Your Nose Is Also Relatively Trustworthy

When there is a water leak in your home, it does not take long for mildew to appear. And soon after that, you will get some full-on mold growth. If your nose senses a musty odor, there is a good chance you have a water leak promoting mold and mildew growth. In most cases, you can smell this odor after as little as 24 hours, but before you could see any visible signs of mold. If you happen to have allergies to mold and mildew, pay close attention to any unexpected or unusual sneezing fit or red, itchy eyes. Those could be your body pointing out a new moist, moldy space in your house.

A Skyrocketing Water Bill

Most of us have a pretty good idea of the average water bill for our homes. And unless you have made some changes, like watering a new lawn or trees or washing the car at home instead of going to the carwash, a sudden water bill increase should be a big red flag. As soon as you read this alarming information, you need to make a thorough sweep of the house and yard to locate the offending leak or leaks before they do any more damage to your home or wallet.

Unwanted Pests

No one likes to see bugs or rodents hanging around their home. So when you discover a large influx of these undesirables, take note. You could need more than a can of bug spray to deter these invaders. Bugs and rodents are very opportunistic and will gladly visit any easily accessible watering hole, even if it is in your home. Signs of a rodent chewing on drywall or trim to get inside or rodent droppings inside are also reasonable indications that you have a rodent problem and possibly a water leak as well.

Be Proactive

It never hurts to invest an hour or less to tour your home searching for water leaks or signs of water damage. Look for peeling paint, stains on walls or ceilings, or bulging drywall. Other common symptoms include unexplained moisture on the floor or stains from dripping water.

Whenever you think you might have a hidden water leak, it is wise to call a plumber for a professional leak inspection. At A-1 Plumbing, we are here 24/7 for any emergency, like a possible water leak in your home. Call (701) 402-6643 and know that a skilled professional will arrive with the latest leak detection technology to ensure that your home suffers no further water damage.