These Are Some Sewer Issues You Might Face This Winter

Our A-1 Plumbing team thinks that all homeowners in Macon, GA should know how to ensure their residence is in good working order this winter. The cold and ice can pose special challenges for your home’s plumbing. You need to understand what issues you’re likely to face once the temperatures begin to drop. That will help you prepare your plumbing system to head off such issues in advance.

Frozen Pipes

Pipes bring water into your home and carry waste products out of it. When the winter weather arrives, it can impede their ability to function properly. If you think your pipes might be in danger this winter, you can take some steps in advance. First, insulate your pipes this fall. Also, let the water drip a bit overnight in the event of a storm. That keeps the water flowing and reduces pressure on the metal that can lead to breaks. If you need additional help with your pipes, take advantage of our expert plumbing services to efficiently resolve the problem.

Sewer Odors

Colder winter temperatures can bring unwanted odors inside. If you notice there’s an unusual odor in your home, you should locate the source of it as soon as possible. You might have a frozen septic tank. If this appears to be an ongoing problem, now is the time to bring in our experts to isolate the cause so that the situation can be corrected.

Sump Pump Backups

A sump pump rids your home of excess water. Heavy snow and ice can easily cause one to overflow. Take some time to test your sump pump before conditions worsen. Pour water into the pit. This will activate the pump’s float switch. If it does not, you might have a malfunctioning device. You should also keep your basement HVAC vents open during the winter. That will bring warmer air down there and help avoid issues with freezing water in the sump pump.

Frozen Sewer Vents

Your sewer vents may freeze during the winter. Gas from your sewage waste system is unable to pass though vents that have frozen up. This can cause serious problems with gas backing up into your home. This issue can also make it harder to flush your toilets. If you notice your toilet is gurgling or starting to back up, now is the time to examine it further. Hot water vapor from a nearby faucet can help decrease problems with frozen vents. Add additional warm water to your pipes as needed to keep them free of ice.

Maintaining your home’s sewage disposal is vitally important this winter. If you encounter problems with that or any other aspect of your plumbing system in Macon, don’t hesitate to call on our professionals at A-1 Plumbing.

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