The Potential Pitfalls Of DIY Plumbing Repairs

Many homeowners in the Macon area enjoy taking on a few repairs and projects around the house. It is a great way to save some cash, and it can provide an incredible feeling of accomplishment to show off your latest DIY upgrades. But when it is time to pass on a DIY repair to call in a professional? That can be a tricky question for many to answer until they are in over their heads and facing a costly DIY repair gone wrong. So before grabbing a tool belt to make a plumbing repair, there are a few items to consider that could end up saving you time, money, and much frustration.

Does The Repair Only Look Simple, Or Is It Really Simple?

When you discover a small drip under the kitchen sink, it is easy to assume that you need to tighten a fitting to fix the problem. But after you return with the proper wrench and climb into the cabinet, you start to wonder if torquing on the small water line is such a good idea. This is the moment to climb back out of the cabinet and make the call to (701) 402-6643. A licensed plumber will be able to make this minor repair quickly and cost-effectively.

However, if you lock that wrench in place and give it a tug, you could end up with a face full of water. The fitting you thought was loose was actually very tight. But the drip was coming from another joint in the pipe that was loose. And now it is completely broken, and you are gulping a lot of water. So the lesson is that unless you have some experience working with water lines, it is best not to gain that experience inside your house. The results can be messy and quite costly.

The Fix That Was A Fake

So let’s think back to the drip under the kitchen sink. There is a good chance that the outcome could have been different. For example, you might have touched the fitting with your hand and realized that it was loose. So a slight turn with a wrench could have stopped the drip and made you feel fearless and victorious for your daring plumbing repair.

However, you do not know if that slight pressure on the pipe created more drips or leaks that you cannot see. One of the signs of aging water lines is constant little drips and leaks. Your licensed plumber would have considered this and done a few checks to ensure no other leaks in the area. But you did not think of that and are now faced with more water and damage under your kitchen sink.

The Other Costly Mishap

Finally, the last outcome could be the worst, but you did save a few bucks and get the water leak repaired. Unfortunately, you injured yourself in the process. And that is not something you can quickly fix with a call to a licensed plumber. Now you face medical bills, possibly some days off from work, and the pain and discomfort of a hand or wrist injury. So the plumbing success pales in comparison.

The solution to all of these misfortunes is to focus your DIY skills on something potentially less costly and volatile than a plumbing repair. So stick to painting, planting new trees, or other projects that will not do more damage to your home if you run into a little snag. And for all your plumbing needs, call (701) 402-6643. The licensed plumbers at A-1 Plumbing always provide a free estimate before starting a project. And all installations and repairs are backed by a full warranty.