Clogged Drains And Sewer Lines Can Often Be Prevented

Most homeowners are in too big a rush to notice when their home’s drains are clearing more slowly. You might leave the room even before the kitchen or bathroom sink has completely drained all of the water in it. But it is vital to be conscious of these minor changes in the behavior of your household drains. They indicate that you will soon be facing a clog and then a complete drain blockage. And the worst part is that most drain clogs can be prevented with just a little common sense and care.

Being careful not to allow foreign objects like a piece of dental floss or a piece of a bandage to wash down the sink is essential. The drains in your home are only meant to handle water. And when other items wash down the drain, bad things are going to happen. This word of warning applies to your commode as well. It is purpose-built to handle human waste and toilet paper. It is not a magic trash receptacle that can make a mess go away with just a flush. However, a little added care on your part can all but eliminate annoying and time-consuming clogs that pose a severe threat to your home.

There Is No Substitute For TP

One of the things that almost everyone is guilty of is flushing something other than toilet paper. You might have run out of TP or be using a moist wipe for added cleanliness. But the result is likely to be a clog on your home’s drain line or sewer line. The problem is straightforward. Nothing breaks down as quickly or entirely as toilet paper when it hits the water. Even the moist wipes are much thicker and more durable. At the same time, that is why many people like them. Unfortunately, it also makes them dangerous for your plumbing. Stick to plain old TP and know that you are not creating a clog that could flood your home with filthy water and raw sewage.

How To Correct A Previous Mistake

If you are growing concerned because you recall making a few of these mistakes in the past, never fear. There is a solution that will let you begin again with a clean slate. A professional drain cleaning is the only process that is guaranteed to remove all the tiny clogs and gunk that will form new clogs in your drain and sewer lines. And the process is entirely safe for your plumbing pipes, unlike other cleaning and clog removal methods that use caustic chemicals.

How A Professional Drain Cleaning Works

When you call (701) 402-6643 to request a professional drain cleaning from the pros at A-1 Plumbing, you will be assured of completely clean pipes. The process uses a very high-pressure water jet to blast away clogs and scrub all of the sticky residue from inside the drain and sewer lines of your home. And while it sounds a little scary, in the hands of our licensed plumbers who have years of experience and expertise using this tool, it is perfectly safe for your drains.

In addition to removing clogs, the water stream removes the grime and residue that builds up inside your home’s drains and sewer lines over time. This is just a symptom of all the gunk that travels through these lines. With the residue gone, you will have fewer clogging issues and fewer foul odors emanating from your drain lines. Call (701) 402-6643 today to schedule a fully warrantied professional drain cleaning to eliminate your worries about future drain and sewer line clogs and floods in your home.

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