Top Indicators That Your Sewer Line Needs a Springtime Repair

When the warm spring weather rolls back around, it becomes time to handle all of those household repairs that you’ve been putting off. One repair that you’re definitely going to want to leave to the professionals is sewer line repair. If you’re noticing any of these signs, it’s time to get your sewer line looked at before it gets worse.

Slow Draining

If your sink, bathtub, and toilet are draining much slower, it’s a sign that there may be an issue with your sewer line. In most cases, the pipe is partially clogged and is restricting the free flow of water down the drain. The clog could be caused by flushing down sanitary wipes, tree roots, or other cracks in your pipes.

Pools of Septic Water

Another indicator that you need sewer line repair from A-1 Plumbing in Macon, GA is that you’re seeing pools of septic water. These pools will show up outside of your home. It’s important to note that standing septic water can be dangerous, and calling a plumber right away is necessary to contain and fix the issue quickly.

Gurgling Noises

Gurgling noises typically indicate that there is air trapped somewhere inside of your plumbing. In many cases, this gurgling sound is likely coming from a clog that is somewhere in your sewer line. Any unusual noises coming from your plumbing should be clear indicators that you need to consult a licensed plumber to get the issue fixed before it gets worse.

Foul Odors

Sewage smells should stay down in your sewer line with an airtight seal. If you start to notice that you’re getting a whiff of foul-smelling odors coming out of your drains, it’s likely a result of a crack in your sewer line. Sewer odors can be toxic and should be addressed when they’re first noticed.

Raw Sewage Backup

One of the most obvious signs of a sewer line issue is having raw sewage back up into your home. You’ll notice this backup at the drains on the lowest levels of your home first. This could be the toilet, shower, or sink. Raw sewage is also toxic and should be handled quickly by a plumbing professional.

Green Lush Grass Patches

While we all love to see a lush green lawn when we pull into our driveways, you don’t want to see lush green patches. If you do, it’s a likely indicator that there is sewage water leaking into those areas of your lawn. You’ll want to call in a licensed plumber to assess the green grass patches and to determine where you have leaks.

If you believe that your sewer line is in need of repairs, contact A-1 Plumbing today!

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