When to Replace Your Faucets

Most homes have faucets in both their kitchens and bathrooms. Whether you need to wash your hands after working outside or fill a pot for dinner, you need a faucet that works right and won’t cause you any problems. At A-1 Plumbing, we want to help those in Macon, Georgia learn about the signs that show it’s time to replace their faucets.


A leaking faucet is frustrating. You may have one that leaks a small amount of water each time you turn it off or one that leaks every day no matter what you do. When your faucet leaks, it may require a small repair, such as removing a part from the inside and replacing it. Stronger and bigger leaks are harder to repair, though. You might even find that you can get a new faucet and install it for less than it would cost to repair the old one.

Mineral Deposits

In Macon and other areas of Georgia, homeowners get their water from local lakes, rivers, and groundwater aquifers. While Georgia’s water sources produce relatively soft water, many homes in Macon still have issues with minerals such as lime and calcium. When you turn on the water, it splashes into the sink and back onto the faucet. Hard water leaves behind deposits that often look like gray dust. You can spend hours scrubbing the faucet and using special products to clean it, but replacing it is often a better option. New faucets often come with filters or work with filters that keep the minerals in your water from building up.


Do you hate using your faucet because of all the strange noises it makes? A good faucet will run so quietly that you can turn it on and fill the biggest pot without hearing anything but the sound of the running water. Older faucets often squeak as the components inside wear down. It can almost sound like a little mouse living in your cabinet. In addition to squeaks, any unusual sounds you never heard before can indicate you need a new faucet.


Old faucets do not work as well as modern faucets do and can cause an issue called spitting. Do you turn on the faucet and find that it spits water back at you? While you may notice a few droplets heading towards you, your old faucet can also produce so much water that it splashes over both you and the counter as well as the floor. This often happens because the seal on the faucet wore down. You may also find water spitting out from the sides of the faucet, which is a sign that the threading no longer works.

At A-1 Plumbing, you’ll find all of the plumbing services that you need to make your home’s pipes and fixtures work the way you want them to work. Our talented plumbers can check out your old faucet and install a new one if you decide to replace it. Call today if you live in the Macon, GA area and are ready to upgrade your faucets.

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