Top 3 Reasons to Schedule Water Heater Maintenance

Many people don’t think about maintenance for their water heater until it’s too late. But if you want to keep your water heater in Macon, GA, operating as long as possible, scheduling maintenance for it on a regular basis is a must. Here are the top three reasons why you need to schedule maintenance for your water heater.

1. Increases Energy Efficiency

Having your water heater maintained ensures that there isn’t an excessive amount of water mineral buildup inside it. When a water heater is full of minerals, there’s less room for water, and it causes the water heater to use more energy to heat the water that’s there. When your water heater is free of this buildup, it maximizes its heating potential and uses much less energy.

2. Prevents a Disaster

A water heater that does not receive maintenance has a higher chance of something going seriously wrong. A water heater that’s full of mineral buildup can lead to burst pipes and flooding, which can be a seriously expensive disaster, especially if it happens when you are not home. You won’t only have to deal with water damage but will likely have to replace your water heater as well. If you do not schedule maintenance, rusting and corrosion on gas and water pipes can go undetected. A gas leak is a serious health and safety hazard, and a leaking water pipe can cause damage to floors and walls. It can even result in mold growth, which is a health hazard all on its own.

3. Maintains Your Water Pressure

No one wants to start a shower and experience low water pressure. If there is mineral buildup in your water heater, it’s likely that there is also buildup in your pipes. Water minerals can slowly reduce the diameter of your pipes as they stick to the pipes’ inner walls. Mineral buildup can also block the outlet valve and prevent water from leaving the water heater altogether.

When you have regular maintenance performed on your water heater, the plumber will get a chance to inspect the components of your water heater and piping and test your water pressure. If they discover a problem, it can be resolved before it causes a burst pipe, leaking water heater, or seriously low water pressure.

Turn to the Water Heater Experts in Macon, GA

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