Leakage of water from a toilet due to blockage of the pipe

4 Signs Your Toilet Is Leaking and Running up the Water Bill

A running toilet can waste a lot of water and raise your water bill. Various factors may cause it to leak. In this article, we outline signs that your toilet may be wasting water.

1. Use the Dye Test to Check for Leaks

A running toilet is one of the primary contributors to high water bills compared to other plumbing faults. A leaking toilet can waste a gallon of water in less than a minute. Unfortunately, there aren’t many signs to show the toilet is leaking. However, a dye test can help you determine if the toilet is running.

Remove the tank’s lid and add a few drops of food coloring or a dye tablet. Wait for half an hour and check if there’s coloring in the bowl. If the color is in the bowl, the toilet is leaking.

2. Watch Out for Unusual Sounds

An old or defective flapper is often the most likely cause of a running toilet. When the valve is faulty, it will allow water to leak into the bowl continuously. You may notice a persistent hissing sound as water leaks from the tank.

A faulty flapper will need a replacement to avoid further water wastage. If you hear gurgling noises, it could be an issue with the sewer. Consider talking to us at A-1 Plumbing in Macon, GA, to troubleshoot and restore your plumbing system.

3. The Tank Overfills With Water

Another sign your toilet is wasting water is an overfill. When the tank is full, the water should be less than an inch below the overflow tube. Otherwise, the water will leak from the sides of the tank and leak water.

Sometimes the issue is an improperly installed float that is higher than it should be. In that case, you can fix the leakage by adjusting the float to avoid the tank overfilling.

If the problem persists, it could be an issue with the filler valve. The valve regulates the amount of water going into the tank. Our team recommends a replacement to avoid leaks and water wastage.

4. Wet Spots on the Floor

Wet spots around the toilet could be due to loose connections between the floor and the bowl. However, you ought to rule out condensation before making any conclusion. High humidity in Macon County can cause water to run down the bowl and collect on the floor.

If the source of the leaks is not condensation, you should consult a plumber for repairs. A professional can troubleshoot issues with the seal or poorly attached closet flange. Water leaking from the base can be a health hazard for your home.

A leaking toilet can waste hundreds of gallons of water per day. Sometimes a replacement is a more cost-effective solution in the long run. If you spot leakages around your home, consult our team at A-1 Plumbing for dependable leak repair services in Macon, GA.