Plumbing Problems That Can Result From Continuous Heavy Rainfall

Heavy rain can cause serious plumbing problems, especially if your property floods every time a storm occurs. Heavy rainfall can lead to several issues in Macon, GA.


When it is raining heavily, your yard may become flooded. Water will pool in low places, and it can build up enough that your driveway, crawl space, garage, deck, or basement steps will become flooded. When severe flooding occurs, this may mean that your property does not have proper drainage to carry the water away from your home or yard.

When you are regularly contending with heavy flooding, the stability of your deck, your homes structure, and your homes foundation can become compromised. Having an area drain installed that is designed to direct water away from your property will keep heavy flooding at bay.

Burst Pipes

When rainfall is heavy and floods are frequent, the water buildup will put pressure on your pipes. When heavy flooding puts pressure on your pipes for an extended period, they can become cracked and eventually burst. The following problems can result from cracked pipes.

  • Tainted water
  • Smelly water
  • Oddly colored water

When your pipes burst, you will have even bigger problems because your plumbing will then be unusable. It is essential that you have a plumber regularly inspect your pipes for cracks so you can make repairs expeditiously. Inspections are especially necessary if your yard has experienced heavy flooding on numerous occasions.

Sewage Backup

When you frequently experience heavy rainfall that leads to flooding, this puts significant strain on your sewer line. Flooding can cause debris to travel to outdoor drains, which will lead to clogs. When your homes sewer line is clogged, sewage backup can occur since the water will have nowhere to go.

Severe rainstorms that last for several days can also cause debris to build up and clog the sewer line. When the sewer line becomes clogged, repair is needed to address the issue.

Pipe Blockages

Not only will extensive and heavy rainfall cause your sewer line to become blocked, but other pipes can also experience blockages. Debris that is carried through your sewer line can become trapped inside of your indoor plumbing and clog your sink and bathtub drains. If you notice that water is pooling near your drains, you likely have a blockage somewhere in your indoor plumbing

Homeowners in the Macon, GA area need to prepare themselves for potential plumbing problems that can occur because of heavy rain since rainstorms and flooding are prevalent in this location. If you are a homeowner who contends with frequent flooding or are experiencing any of the plumbing problems listed above, contact A-1 Plumbing by calling (478) 318-9222 for an inspection. We can take measures to ensure flooding is no longer a problem, and we can repair any damage to mitigate any issues that are present.

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