Water Is Leaking From The Pipe

Important Plumbing Questions Answered

Plumbing issues can be some of the most perplexing problems for you as a homeowner, and you shouldn’t feel bad about not knowing all the answers. All homeowners are in the same position unless they’re actually plumbers themselves. We’ll try to take the mystery out of your home’s plumbing problems by addressing some of them here.

Running Toilet

Many homeowners wonder why their toilet keeps running. It’s one of the most common plumbing questions. In most cases, the issue is the rubber flap at the bottom of the tank not sealing properly. To see if this is your problem, remove the top from the tank, flush, and watch the rubber flap. If it doesn’t close, some of the water is flowing out through the unsealed flap. The water keeps running because the float ball never reaches the fill line where it should stop. When you jiggle the handle, it may quit running. That’s because the handle is attached with a chain to the flap, and jiggling it repositions that flap so it seals more securely. However, that’s not only irritating, but it wastes water as well. When you get tired of jiggling the handle, just call a professional.

Clogged Drains

Another common question is why the drain is clogged. Drains are usually clogged because people simply aren’t very careful about what they put in them, especially kitchen drains. Other drains, such as those in the bathroom, get clogged due to the residue left behind by soaps, shampoos, and hair products. To ensure that they’re safely and effectively unclogged, your best bet is, once again, to call a professional.

Water Leaks

Here’s a little basic advice for any homeowner who has a serious water leak and wonders what to do. First, turn off the water supply at the main shut-off valve. As a homeowner, you should educate all of your family members about where this valve is located. Second, contact a professional plumber immediately. Do not touch any wet electrical fittings.

Drain Cleaners

Another important query is whether using chemical drain cleaners is safe. In general, drain cleaners have a lot of toxic ingredients, so they should not be kept around the house, especially if you have children or pets. It’s also important to note that these chemicals can harm your pipes and cause substantial deterioration in them, resulting in the need to replace the drains and lines. That’s why it’s better left to the professionals at A-1 Plumbing in Macon, GA handle it for you.

Your Local Plumbing Resource

If you’re experiencing plumbing issues in your home, it’s probably past time to reach out for professional help. For all of your plumbing service needs in Macon, you can rely on our experts at A-1 Plumbing. Call us today, and we’d be happy to answer any of your questions.