Do I Need Clog Removal Or Drain Cleaning?

A clogged drain in your Macon home is pretty easy to identify. First, you can see that the water in the sink or tub is not clearing. Instead, it backs up in the vessel and can take several minutes or even hours to clear. That is a clogged drain that needs some help. But a drain that needs to be cleaned is not as simple to identify. However, the good news is that the professional plumbers at A-1 Plumbing can take care of both issues for you in one simple process called a professional drain cleaning.

What Is Professional Drain Cleaning?

The process of professionally cleaning drain lines uses a large piece of equipment that turns pure water into an amazing water jet. The device uses exceptionally high pressure behind the water so that it scrubs the entire inside of all the drain pipes in a house. As you might have guessed, this high-pressure water has the potential to destroy the water lines unless it is used by a trained professional. So there are no water jet machines that can be rented from the big box store or bought at a hardware store. These machines are very costly and can only be obtained by licensed plumbers.

Clog Removal With A Water Jet

The excellent news for homeowners is that these water jets are able to blast through anything that is blocking or clogging a drain line. So, if you have clogs and sticky residue inside your home’s drain pipes, this one service will provide both solutions that you need. Water can be incredibly powerful, as witnessed by the formation of the Grand Canyon. So in the hands of a trained expert, the water jet is the perfect way to destroy clogs and wash the debris away to the city sewer system.

More About Drain Cleaning

All drains eventually become coated in a sticky residue of oil, grease, food particles, soap scum, and other sticky substances. The scum lines the inside of drain lines and is the cause of many drain clogs when waste and other debris become stuck in the residue. In addition to promoting clogs, this residue can create quite a foul odor coming from the drains in your home. So it is wise to have your drains professionally cleaned once a year to remove the stinky residue and prevent future clogs from forming.

Safe In The Right Hands

Many drain cleaners, especially those with caustic chemicals, can damage your drain lines. However, when in the hands of a trained professional, a water jet is the safe way to clean your home’s drains and eliminate clogs. At A-1 Plumbing, we are so confident our water jet drain cleaning is the solution to your stinky and clogged drains that we back each cleaning with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Call (701) 402-6643 to schedule an appointment for a professional drain cleaning and clog removal at your Macon home. Our experts will eliminate the clogs and residue, leaving your drains in perfect working order.

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